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Your name engraved on the back of our Classic Neve Recording console.
So many of you have talked to us about the impact that the many records recorded at London Bridge Studios have made on your lives (and now even some of your children's lives). The technical heart of the studio is our one of a kind hand-bulit 1970's Vintage Neve console. This is the very console every single one of those records near and dear to your (and our) hearts were recorded on. It is in that spirit and sentiment that we continue our commitment to preserving the culture, community, and historic creative hub that is London Bridge Studio.

As a way to further connect us all and our love for the "sound" of so many records that have made such an impact on all of us, we would like to offer you the opportunity to make our story YOUR story, restore this legendary console, and etch your own name on this precious piece of Seattle rock history.


Watch our oringinal campaing video

Neve Plaque Engraving

$500.00 Regular Price
$350.00Sale Price
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